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Seemz Technology

posted Aug 24, 2010, 6:37 PM by Joe Frye
With our orders placed, CTO is proud to announce our newest sponsors who just so happens to be right here in Central Indiana, Seemz Technology.


SEEMZ Technology has developed perhaps one of the most effective scent control systems on the market today. SEEMZ’s chemists have developed the “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” product line to be an essential tool in harvesting mature animals throughout all months of the season. “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” — Chemistry for the Hunter’s Advantage.

SEEMZ’s “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” is a Total Human Element Eliminator and scent control product line that does not trap and mask odors, instead “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” captures and eliminates those odors that can get you busted time and time again. “T.H.E.E. KRUSH” has been tested and proven to trap and eliminate odors on a wide spectrum of atmospheric contaminants.

T.H.E.E. KRUSH product line from SEEMZ Technology consists of two odor eliminators, Original and EARTH ELEMENT with an earth tone to provide a cover scent for the hunter, as well T.H.E.E. KRUSH product line includes the H2O2 Laundry Detergent, Hair & Body Wash and T.H.E.E. KRUSH original and Earth Element refill systems. New for 2009, SEEMZ Technology introduces Noze the Windz, a superior wind checking device.

Check out there website by following the sponsor banner above or this link, www.seemztechnology.com